DPA Microphones launches new Chinese website

DPA Microphones has strengthened its presence in the Far East by launching a dedicated website that delivers product information, Microphone University articles, company news and content of specific relevance to the Chinese market in Chinese.

With a population of over 1.3 billion and growing demand for high end products to satisfy its burgeoning broadcast and pro audio industries, China remains a key target for many western manufacturers.

The site will consist of regular product descriptions along with landing pages that are dedicated to each product range, as well as segments like broadcast, music recording, live sound, installation and more. The pages will show pictures, videos and more to illustrate how DPA mics can solve the challenges of miking various sound sources, including traditional Chinese instruments.

“China is a very important market for us, but its sheer size does make it challenging. To be successful in this market you need more than just great products – you also need to get closer to your customers by providing them with relevant information in their own language,” said Ken Kimura, managing director of DPA’s APAC Office. “Our new website will help us achieve this by making it easy for Chinese audio professionals to identify the best DPA microphone for their needs. We know we have an exceptional range of high end products and we believe this new resource will significantly benefit our existing and potential customers.”

Kimura added that the website will also increase direct support to DPA’s distributor, Digital Media Technology (DMT), and its sales network.

Clement Choi, managing director of DMT, commented: “DPA is known worldwide for its Microphone University that provides educational content to its website visitors. The company’s deep knowledge of pro audio applications gives it a special position in the market as its product development takes everything possible into consideration to deliver perfect microphone solutions. Having Microphone University available in Chinese will allow this knowledge to be spread to even more people, and this will greatly assist our sales efforts in China.”

You can visit the new site here.