DPA microphones used to capture sounds for Titanfall 2

Rick Hernandez, audio director on Respawn Entertainment’s first person science-fiction game Titanfall 2 used a selection of DPA microphones to capture sounds.

For Titanfall 2, Hernandez used DPA’s d:dicate 4017B-R Shotgun Microphones with Rycote Windshields for point source ambience recordings, d:screet 4060 Omnidirectional microphones mostly for live weapons recordings and the d:mension 5100 Mobile Surround Microphone for 5.1 ambience recordings.

Said Hernandez: “We used DPA’s d:dicate 4017B-R Shotgun Microphone the most on Titanfall 2, especially for the machinery and metal impacts for the Titan footsteps and motions. With its supercardioid pattern, the d:dicate 4017B-R was great for point source recording as it has excellent off-axis rejection that is necessary when recording out on the field.

"It also has remarkable clarity, and when used with the Rycote suspension mount, it is incredibly reliable. The d:dicate 4017B-R has really good output and wide dynamics with low noise that results in pristine, transparent signal reproduction. Because of its versatility, it is my go-to mic when recording in the field and when I need great isolation.

“I love recording the sounds of nature and ambiences in surround sound and using DPA mics to do so has allowed me to record with stellar results. I am very impressed with the company and try to use them whenever possible. I am so pleased with DPA that I used the d:dicate 4017B in the recordings of two of my soundpacks: Rupture, published by SoundMorph and Dimensions, published independently.”

Hernandez is currently working on a VR game, where he is using DPA microphones to record the sound for the weapons.