Drum & Bass producer Blame invests in Prism Sound Orpheus

UK Drum & Bass producer Blame has recently invested in an Orpheus FireWire audio interface from Prism Sound.

Since arriving on the scene back in 2008, Blame has enjoyed a string of critical and commercial successes for his work on the Moving Shadow label, while his solo album The Music (2010), not to mention several high profile remixes for Stooshe, Sway and Skepta, have cemented his reputation as one of UK Drum & Bass’ leading producers.

Commenting on his purchase of the Orpheus FireWire audio interface, he said: “As technology has taken some giant leaps recording studio wise within the last couple of years I have now found it possible to have my entire studio on a laptop. Nowadays I seem to be working from a lot of different locations, so I needed an exceptional audio interface that can travel with me. The Orpheus was my first choice.”

Blame’s purchase of the unit was partly down to the fact that whenever he visits a mastering room, they always seem to have Prism Sound converters and EQs as standard. “The mastered quality is always incredible and I wanted to have the same high quality back in my production chain,” he says. “When mixing I can hear every detail which allows me to make creative decisions easily. When recording vocals or any of my outboard synthesizers the sound reproduced is pure and crystal clear and un-coloured – exactly what is needed.”

According to Blame, his initial experiences have confirmed that he made the right investment. “As soon as I installed the Orpheus and hit play I could hear the clarity and depth of sound instantly. I started mixing a new track on it straight away and haven’t looked back since!’ he says. “I also had to record vocals for a new track the next day and was also blown away with the detail and purity of the recordings.

“My Orpheus is now firmly placed as my number one audio interface and I will be using it on all my upcoming projects and recording sessions from now on."

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