Duran Audio release AXYS DDA update

Dutch loudspeaker manufacturer Duran Audio has released Version 3.1 of its AXYS DDA acoustic modelling program.

The DDA software tool integrates the likes of geometric modelling, direct sound prediction and graphic visualisation to allow sound system designers to optimise the directional behaviour of AXYS products with this update adding more flexibility to the software.

The AXYS DDA V.3.1 array of features now includes Flex G2 range inclusion, DDS support for the new B215-DIFF subwoofer, interactive loudspeaker placement in model by mouse click, predefined RT and ambient spectra in acoustic environment options.

With the DDA, users can predict issues including polar responses, system headroom, direct SPL and the direct to reverberant ratio and models can be imprinted into the DDA from the Odeon, CATT and EASE acoustic modelling software packages.