Dutch music venue invests in Clair Brothers audio system

Podium Gigant, a popular live music venue in Holland, has invested in a brand new Clair Brothers audio system.

The venue has hosted many national and international artists and was supplied the equipment by The Audio Specialists, the Clair Brothers distributor for the Benelux.

Peter Boekhorst, chief engineer of Gigant, said: “The clubs acoustics are not the easiest to deal with and in the past many engineers have struggled to get a firm fix.”

The Audio Specialists proposed a Clair Brothers solution to Boekhorst and after demonstration sessions and a consultation with several engineers, the CAT 114 based system was chosen as well as 12 Claire WEDGE stage monitors.

Boekhorst added: “We looked for a system that could reinforce our broad scope of visiting acts varying from heavy metal to modern classic and everything in between. The Clair Brothers system offers an amazing sonic bandwidth that – coupled to the very precise dispersion angles – allows every visiting engineer to deliver the mix as he would like to.”

“We have set a benchmark project in this highly competitive audio landscape” said Axel Nagtegaal from The Audio Specialists. “Clair Brothers systems are not only world famous by name but now also available for local audio professionals. Like it happened in this project, with the right people involved – magic takes place.”

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