Dynacord and Electro-Voice system for Jordanian house of worship

Jordanian Dynacord and Electro-Voice partner Advanced Solutions has completed an installation at a newly built house of worship in Aqaba.

The Stella Maris church in the Red Sea coastal city has been fully equipped with sound reinforcement systems from the two brands.

The ‘nerve centre’ of the multi-zone installation is an Electro-Voice NetMax N8000 controller that can be controlled remotely from a TPI-5 touch panel. Using IRIS-Net software, twelve different channels can be supervised and controlled individually and remotely, and the loudspeakers in the hall and on the balcony, as well as near the main and rear entrances, can be turned on and off, with their volume controlled independently.

“The advantage of having different zones is that it gives you greater flexibility,” said Sami Janho, general manager of Advanced Solutions. “During normal church services, only the loudspeakers in the nave and on the balcony are used. On major festival days, on the other hand, every pew is often taken and it becomes necessary then to provide sound reinforcement also to the exterior.”

The main sound reinforcement system in the nave comprises two Dynacord TS 400 vertical arrays, with different tilting angles, on each side of the altar. These are mounted discreetly on the wall and powered by a four-channel Electro-Voice CPS 4.10 power amplifier.

“With its very even reproduction of the entire frequency range, the TS 400 is ideal for rooms with difficult acoustics," Janho continued. "The tight focus and high sound pressure levels you can achieve with this system and the outstanding control of the vertical dispersion guarantee a high level of intelligibility.”

Sound reinforcement in the balcony is provided by ultra-compact EVU-1062/95 loudspeakers from the Electro-Voice EV-Innovation range, while the exteriors adjacent to the front and rear entrances are covered by weatherproof Electro-Voice ZX1i systems. Two additional ZX1 monitors are positioned near the altar. These loudspeakers are driven by an eight-channel CPS 8.5 power amplifier.

“We are particularly grateful to the architect, Osama Twal of Contour for Engineering, without whose commitment to the quality of the sound we would have been unable to achieve such convincing results in what is an extremely reverberant building,” Janho concluded.

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