Dynacord supplies sound reinforcement at Oktoberfest 2011

This year’s Oktoberfest saw Dynacord supply sound reinforcement for the event’s main marquee, with StereoMike Veranstaltungstechnik specifying the system for the third consecutive year.

Michael Wittenzellner, StereoMike Veranstaltungstechnik managing director commented on the expectations surrounding the event: "Given the worldwide fame of the festival, expectations for sound quality are extremely high. On the one hand, the sound within the marquee needs to be homogeneous – i.e. neither too loud in front of the stage nor too quiet near the perimeter of the tent. On the other hand, care has to be taken not to exceed the decibel limits imposed by Munich’s District Administration Authority," – the levels in question being 85 dB during the day and 90 dB from 6 p.m. onwards.

To ensure strict compliance with the legal guidelines, Wittenzellner and his team opted for a sound system from Dynacord. On either side of the central aisle, the main hangs comprised four Cobra-4 Tops and three Cobra Subs each. These were complemented by 14 Dynacord CXM 15 loudspeakers at strategic locations to ensure even coverage. "The CXM 15 is exceptionally versatile," explained Wittenzellner. "It can be used as a monitor, stand-mounted, or flown, as was the case here. With a radial coverage pattern of 60° and 135 dB maximum SPL, it fitted the bill perfectly."

The requisite power in the XXL marquee was provided by Dynacord amplifiers; the ten Dynacord L2400 and six LX3000 units affording the soundmen the necessary headroom. Four Dynacord DSP 244 controllers and an Electro-Voice NetMax N8000, with 24 auxiliary channels for loudspeakers, emergency microphones and multimedia, ensured that the components of this setup functioned as one. 24 Electro-Voice EVID 4.2 loudspeakers in the reserved boxes and 12 ZX1 in the open-air beer garden completed the installation in the Schottenhamel Marquee.