EarPeace hearing protectors review and free giveaway

The pro audio industry is guilty of damaging the hearing of thousands, if not millions, of people. But it’s not our fault. The band always wants to be the loudest at the festival and that punters will sacrifice their hearing by standing directly in front of speakers emitting dangerously high SPL levels just to get a little closer to their favourite artist.

This dilemma has given birth to an entire industry focused on protecting music lover’s ears while still providing them with the experience of enjoying the broad dynamic range of live music. This is the mission of EarPeace, a group of audiologists and engineers dedicated to creating ear protectors that achieve this critical balance.

EarPeace earplugs reduce sound pressure by 75 per cent while maintaining sound quality. Made out of safe, strong, reusable hypoallergenic silicone, they have been tested by Michael & Associates, a leading independent US lab for measuring hearing protection performance. The company asserts that it is a lifestyle company considerate of the fact that ear protectors need to be comfortable and stylish. As such, EarPeace also comes in three different skin tones so that you don’t look like an air traffic controller amongst all of your heavy metal friends.

I have been in bands for over 20 years and attended countless live gigs in venues small and large. Protecting my hearing is a necessity rather than a burden, and one that I take very seriously. I have sampled every product on the market short of getting expensive custom moulded ear protectors. I decided to use EarPeace protectors at a recent Flaming Lips show at London’s Alexandra Place. The band is known for its loud and dynamic live shows so I knew the concert would be a perfect opportunity to determine the versatility of EarPeace from a user’s perspective.

I found EarPeace to live up to what it says on the package. They are very lightweight and comfortable and don’t make you feel like you have just stuffed a sponge in your ear hole. I also found EarPeace to be quit effective in maintaining high mid to low end frequencies, as compared to anything else I have ever used. The reality is that wearing ear protectors is always going attenuate the music to some degree, but this just shows that the product is working to protect your ears from damaging frequencies.

I also really like the metal carrying case and third EarPeace that comes in every package. I cannot count the number of times I have lost one earplug and reverted to using toilet roll for a gig or rehearsal.

EarPeace has an MSRP of $12.95 and offers a money back guarantee. The company is also offering Audio Pro readers a special 25 per cent discount off an order of two EarPeaces. This offer can be redeemed on the EarPeace website by using the code music25.

We are also offering a free pair of EarPeace protectors to the reader who can answer the following question:

What Creation Records artist was rumoured to have bankrupted the label when recording the album Loveless?

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