EAW hits Seattle?s Decibel Festival

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has announced that it will deliver sound reinforcement solutions for two venues at the Decibel Festival, an annual electronic music event held in Seattle, USA.

EAW’s KF740 line array system will serve as FOH PA for Decibel’s headline events in the acoustically notorious Paramount Theatre. Also, EAW’s Application Support Group will install a temporary Avalon by EAW dance club system in Neumos, where VIP parties will proceed five nights of performance sets and after parties.

Jeff Rocha, EAW president, said: “Even though we’re a Massachusetts based company, Decibel Festival is practically a hometown event. Obviously, LOUD technologies is in the Seattle area, but it goes deeper than that. A LOUD employee is a founding member of the vent. It’s not the first time we’ve talked to them, but it’s the first time we’ve made it work. I can’t wait. Hello, Seattle!”

The Decibel Festival’s headline acts, Orbital and Erykah Badu’s Cannabinoids, will perform in Seattle’s historic Paramount Theater; a ‘movie palace’ converted into a performing arts centre. The theatre features a tall, deep balcony section that shadows the back half of the orchestra section and a tall, vertical face to the balcony produces severe slap-back echo onto the stage when a suspended, high-output PA attempts to cover the lower section.

EAW will partner with Las Vegas-based Hall Audio Systems to create a six-over-six split KF740 line array system. At left and right, arrays of six ground stacked KF740 modules will deliver powerful response to the back of the orchestra section, while flown arrays of 6 KF740s will cover the balcony. ASG Technical Training Director, Bernie Broderick, will personally oversee implementation.

In Neumos, usually a rock club, EAW will deliver the West Coast premiere of the Avalon by EAW range of dance club-specific loudspeaker systems. Developed in collaboration with John Lyons, dance club designer and owner of Avalon Hollywood, Avalon by EAW is aimed at taking loudspeaker design to a new level, where EAW form and function meet fit and finish similar to that of a luxury automobile.

The Neumos employs four CLUB.two quad 12-in mains and four SUB.two Two CLUB.three systems, featuring a single 15-in LF device with a 1,700 Watt peak power handling specification serving as DJ monitors.

Rocha concluded: “Unlike the Las Vegas Convention Centre, Neumos is a proper club designed to handle high output sound reinforcement or that’s what they tell me. We’re sending 4 SUB.twos. I guess we’ll find out.”

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