EAW SBK Series unveiled at PLASA 2011

This year’s PLASA event saw EAW unveil its new SBK Series subwoofers.

The SBK subs are designed to complement the company’s MK Series loudspeakers, yet can also be used as stand-alone subwoofers in a system from any manufacturer.

The range is comprised of three models, the SBK150 (Single 15-inch), SBK180 (Single 18-inch) and SBK250 (Double 15-inch) subwoofers. All three units operate in passive mode and can be used in concert halls, houses of worship, arenas, large ballrooms, live theatre products and gymnasiums, while multiple 3/8-inch mounting points are designed to offer flexibility when installing subs in stand-alone applications.

The design of the enclosures is based on the dimensions of EAW’s MK2300 and MK5300 loudspeakers. When used with the optional Flybar, two full-range MK loudspeakers can be mounted one to either side of an SBK using pre-configured splay angles. The flybar provides single or double pick points with pull back, while an additional optional stinger provides selectable tilt to an array from a single pick point.