EDM producer Shook is shaken up by new Audient products

Electronic dance music producer, Shook has recorded his second album, Spectrum,with the help of his Audient USB Interface iD22 and the 8 Channel Mic Pre & ADC ASP880.

Shook, also known as Jasper Wijnands, said of both of his Audient products: “It was the most pristine sound quality that I have heard in a long time. I was used to recording with other, older gear, and they did the job at the time. It opened my ears to a new world […] when I heard the difference I was blown away.”

The songwriter and multi-instrumentalist continued: “My favourite feature of the iD22 is that I am able to quickly toggle between different monitor speaker set ups. I wasn’t used to being able to do that. I love that you can adjust the remote settings to your liking. Checking a mix in mono is so easy, and setting up different commands to buttons is a breeze. It allows you to focus better on what you are working on right now other than going into endless menus. You just set up, and you are ready to go. Also, the feel of the main volume knob is great!”

Shook definitely enjoys gear; his studio is packed with synths. “It’s a bit of an obsession,” he laughed. “I really love old synthesizers – and new ones. For my album, I used a lot of Prophet 08, Juno 60, DX7, Arturia Minibrute and some old string synthesizers like the Korg PE-1000.”

Milestones is the latest track to be released from the new album, a track which was borne of a jamming session with his brother on guitar. “I’d just got the Audient iD22 interface, and I just pressed record. The guitar was plugged into the DI and all the synths went into the preamp. When I first heard it back, I thought: ‘Holy cr*p this is good!’”