Eldorado installs SSL Duality δelta console

West coast facility Eldorado Recording Studios has installed a new 48-channel Solid State Logic (SSL) Duality δelta hybrid SuperAnalogue console in its Control Room A.

Eldorado has a long and illustrious history in the Los Angeles recording scene. It was founded in 1954, located across the street from Capitol Records, and even though it has changed address several times since then – its latest location in Burbank – it has maintained an enviable position as one of the go-to facilities for both top-flight, and up and coming artists in LA.

The new 48-channel SSL Duality δelta console is in Control Room A and replaces the previous SSL 4000E.

"We’re very pleased to have this console," said Eldorado owner and studio manager Rob Strickland. "It offers a lot to our clients and handles modern workflows much more efficiently. Everybody has DAWs in their production processes and everybody is excited about bringing in their rigs and hooking them up to the new console… The fast recall and the ability to jump between songs as quickly as we can have been wonderful."

The SSL Duality δelta console has a hybrid approach and combines a traditional analogue path and signal processing along with DAW control and integration, as well as the δelta-Control plug-in-based console automation technology.

"We’re one of the few studios in Los Angeles where you can work at our studio and have the run of the entire place," Strickland added. "That’s great for large tracking dates. The generous size of Control A room means that band members have plenty of room to track, and simultaneously offers them the luxury of having a Yamaha C7X grand piano-also in Control Room A- at their disposal as well as great sight lines to the other rooms.”