Enrico Brignano tours with Electro-Voice

Italian TV and movie star Enrico Brignano is currently on tour with an Electro-Voice sound reinforcement system.

His current tour combines elements of comedy and cabaret with an 18-piece orchestra providing music for the three-hour show, ultimately placing high demands on the sound reinforcement system. The task of handling the audio challenges presented by such a show was taken on by Mariano Comense-based company Backstage PA.

With venue capacities ranging from 5,000-8,000, the Backstage PA team relied on an XLVC line array comprised of XLD and XLE elements. 32 flown XLD enclosures served as the main PA, whilst 24 XLD systems provided side fill and 12 XLE elements front fill. The low frequency range was provided by 2 x 5 Electro-Voice Xsubs in a Bessel array configuration.

Power for the show was delivered by 18 Electro-Voice CP3000S and six CP4000S amplifiers, while the entire system was controlled and supervised by six Electro-Voice Dx46s and two Electro-Voice DC One sound system processors.

"The biggest challenge on this tour was without question the need for optimal intelligibility, as Enrico Brignano is a gifted speaker," said Backstage PA’s managing director Pino di Costanzo. "This means it is imperative that everyone in the audience, regardless of where they may be sitting, is capable of understanding every word. Otherwise for them the show would lose much of its appeal."

He also explained the decision to use an XLVC line array in this production: "XLD elements are versatile, offer a very high level of intelligibility and at the same time powerful music reproduction. Furthermore, the entire line array is so compact that you hardly even notice it."

Being the first time di Costanzo has relied on an XLVC system for so large a stage production, he was particularly impressed with the results: "For this production, the configuration was simply perfect," he concluded. "We have not been obliged to make any compromises in terms of audio quality; the level of intelligibility is top notch. Furthermore the sound system was visually so unobtrusive that some people went as far as to ask us where we’ve hidden the PA."

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