ENVY Post Production given Pro Tools upgrade

Scrub, a division of HHB, has upgraded 12 of ENVY’s London-based audio post production studios to Avid Pro Tools HDX hardware and version 10 software.

The task was carried out by Scrub’s technical support staff, along with ENVY’s technical and sound teams over the course a weekend so the suites were fully operational on Monday morning. The project included updating ENVY’s Pro Tools systems from HD4 and version 7.4 to the latest HDX cards and version 10 software. Scrub also provided sales and technical support for two new Pro Tools studios, including the supply of a 32-fader Avid Icon console and Pro Tools HD Native suite.

After completing the install, Scrub staff hosted a Pro Tools training session with the studio’s operators to educate them on the latest features of version 10.

Pro Tools HDX enables larger, more complex productions with better performance and stability due to the optimised DSP-accelerated hardware that delivers up to five times more DSP per card, over 1,000 dB of additional headroom, and up to four times the track counts and twice as much I/O compared to Pro Tools HD Accel. It can also be scaled to increase track counts, power, and I/O, using up to three Pro Tools HDX cards and multiple Pro Tools HD Series interfaces.

“The Pro Tools HDX upgrades provide significantly improved power and sound quality, which allows our award-winning mixers more creative freedom than ever before," commented ENVY’s head of technical operations, Daniel Sassen. "Upgrading all 12 studios in a single weekend was not going to be an easy task. As always, Scrub was integral to making this happen and worked very closely with the team at ENVY from early planning through to final implementation.”

Scrub’s head of sales, Ben Scully, explained: “The ENVY upgrade is a quite common story for a majority of our post production clients who we have worked with on multi-facility Pro Tools upgrades. Our sales and technical staff have the experience and knowledge to deliver the best results quickly and accurately, which is proven by the success of this project.”

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