European Lennon Bus fits Genelec

Following the news that the European John Lennon Educational Tour Bus has been loaded with Avid software, its two mobile studios have been outfitted with Genelec monitors.
“Naturally, we are very pleased to have Genelec monitors on the Lennon Bus as they are the standard by which all studio monitors are judged by,” said Jeff Sobel, Chief Engineer and designer of the mobile studios. “What is great about this project is that the kids and students are learning on the very best equipment from the start. I’m sure that this will instil a passion for hearing the details and finesse of all their recordings that Genelec monitors provide.”
Each of the two studios on the bus has a complete 5.1 surround system comprised of five 8240As and a 7260A subwoofer. Available in the UK from London-based Source Distribution, the 8240A is a bi-amplified DSP two-way monitoring system. Two AD9200A analogue to digital convertors combine with the 7200 Series DSP subwoofers to reach the full potential of the onboard DSP monitoring system. In addition to the interior monitoring systems, students can also make use of two larger 8050As complete with IsoPod floor stands for outdoor monitoring and performance.
In June 2013 the Lennon Bus Europe will be at the Yoko Ono Lennon-curated Meltdown Festival at the Southbank Centre in London.