Eurosound looks to Digico for TV and outdoor projects

Swedish rental company Eurosound has recently used two Digico digital mixing consoles for two very different projects.

The first project sees a Digico SD9 in use at Sweden’s national broadcaster, Swedish Television, for 55 consecutive days from June 13th for its morning children’s show Sommarlov.

“The SD9 and D-Rack sit at the heart of the whole sound set-up as the mic pre/gain master,” explained Eurosound’s Mattias Dalin. “The show is set in the harbour at Malmoe´s Docklands, but the broadcast sound is mixed in SVT´s regular studio control room at their premises. A two-way fibre connection between the SD9 and the control room services all audio signals.

“Because of this set-up, we need maximum safety and we’re confident that the dual power supplies in SD9 and D-Rack, and having the whole set-up on UPS power means we have a failsafe system.”

Meanwhile, the beginning of June saw three SD8s – one SD8 at monitors and two SD8-24s at FOH, supplied by Hiresound Sweden AB and Fremlab – at a three-day event for the Helsingborg’s Symphony Orchestra’s outdoor annual summer concert, with Dalin taking up the FOH position.

"At FOH, I get all the strings pre-mixed as stereo feeds per section,” said Dalin. “This gives me a good total overview, and time to put the whole show together and focus on both the orchestra and some of the solo singers.

“On one particular day, there were six different 25-person choirs in a choir competition, backed up with a rock band. Here I had the 25 head mics pre-mixed on the side console, which worked extremely well.”