Eurovision winner hits Europe with Mackie DL32R and Dante

Meyer Production Sweden opted for dual Mackie DL32R iPad-controlled digital mixers and a Dante network to mix Eurovision winner Måns Zelmerlöw’s recent European gigs.

Since winning Eurovision, Zelmerlöw (who was already a star in his native Sweden) has been expanding his fan base, touring throughout the continent and beyond in support of his current album Perfectly Damaged.

Sebastian Meyer of Meyer Production Sweden said that networking the two mixers – reviewed earlier this year – via Audinate’s Dante technology was a powerful and effective way to mix the five-piece band.

"We’re using all 32 inputs for the band, and all 32 outputs to create stereo mixes for in-ears and additional monitor wedges," he said. "By networking the mixers via Dante, I can use one DL32R for the house mix, and the other for monitors. Everyone likes a different mix, and this enables me to create completely different mixes for each musician, with different EQ and dynamics, and as many effects for each mix as I need."

"A lot of engineers on tour see my setup, and they ask me how I can work on just a Wi-Fi connection," Meyer added. "I run two routers and two DL32R mixers, and with the Dante connection it’s completely redundant, so if anything goes down, I have a seamless backup. So far, in over 100 dates, we have not had a single dropout or problem."

Having literally grown up backstage – his father founded the touring company they now both run – Meyer has had his fingers on the faders of all manner of mixing consoles, from analogue to digital, massive to petite. For him, the DL32R represents a whole new way of mixing. "It’s really fast, really easy to use. Setting up other mixers, getting around them, making changes – it takes time. With the DL32R, I can just come to the gig, set up, and I’m ready to go."