EV supports South Africa’s Got Talent

The 2012 edition of TV show South Africa’s Got Talent relied entirely on audio equipment from Electro-Voice.

Some 5,500 performers took part in the contest won this year by eleven-year-old vocalist Botlhale Boikanyo, which regularly attracted over a million viewers nationwide.

The company responsible for the design, installation and implementation of the sound reinforcement was Electro-Voice partner Prosound (Pty) Ltd. To ensure that the system not only performed reliably but also delivered quality sound, Prosound opted for Electro-Voice components throughout the signal chain, from the microphones capturing the vocals and instruments to the loudspeakers delivering amplified sound to the audience and performers on stage.

During the auditions in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, Prosound’s brief was to provide foldback, and in each city ten Electro-Voice PX1152M (15") and two PX1122M (12’’) stage monitors were selected.

Large studio audiences attended the semi-finals and finals at Johannesburg’s Alex Theatre, so additional sound reinforcement was required, and ProSound opted for a line array. Six Electro-Voice EVA elements flanked by two Phoenix PX2181 dual sub cabinets were added to the setup, while four PX1122M monitors served the performers on stage. Throughout the entire competition, a DC-One digital processor took charge of the signals leaving the mixing console, while three CP3000S amplifiers and a CP4000S provided the requisite power.

The microphones employed included both wireless and wired models. For the vocals, the RE-2 wireless system was used in combination with N/D767a hand-held mics. Dynamic (N/D468 and N/D478) and condenser (PL37) models were deployed for the backing band’s instruments, while an N/D868 took charge of the kick drum.

“The South Africa’s Got Talent team were absolutely delighted with the Electro-Voice equipment we provided,” reported Martin Thomas, manager MI sales and marketing at Prosound. “It performed not only to an extremely high level, but also reliably throughout the entire series.

"Above and beyond the practical advantages of a ‘one-source’ solution, Electro-Voice equipment also represents excellent value for money. In fact, the equipment worked so well throughout the entire series that EV’s already strong brand image in the region was further enhanced.”

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