EWA appoints new Asia/Pacific sales director

EWA, a world leader in audio system technology for over 30 years, has appointed pro audio veteran Alex Schloesser to the position of EAW Asia-Pacific sales director. The announcement was made by Jeff Rocha, EAW President, and reflects EAW’s ongoing commitment to growth in the Asia-Pacific region. In his new capacity, Schloesser will report to and work closely with Davwinder Sheena, LOUD Technologies’ Asia & Pacific-Rim managing director.

With more than 20 years in pro audio in and out of his native Germany, Schloesser has a wealth of experience from his past positions. He is fully trained in audio technology, including acoustical simulation and treatment, audio consulting, sound design and studio/control room specifications. He has worked as an engineer and consultant for 24 years, working in R&D as well as in all levels of live performance – system tech, P.A., front-of-house mixing and system design to name but a few.

Schloesser has been a part of installation and system design for stadiums in Germany, Russia and the Middle East, churches in Germany and the U.S and the P.A. system at the Grand Mosque in Mecca. He has also served as head of audio for two seasons of the German Pop Idol program, as well as a number of other TV shows, totalling well over 12,000 broadcasts. He has been sound technician for many live tours including MANOWAR’s 2008 tour, Heaven & Hell’s 2010 German tour and 2011 Roxette concerts.

Rocha stated, “Our growth in the Asia-Pacific region has been nothing short of phenomenal. With Alex devoted exclusively to EAW, we now have a resource that can help us build on this momentum. We think Alex can drive the pace of growth even higher.”

Schloesser will work closely with Davwinder Sheena, LOUD Technologies’ Asia & Pacific-Rim managing director. She spoke positively of her new colleague, “Growth of all LOUD brands in the Asia-Pacific region is what’s driving this hire,” she said. “Alex has been a part of the global audio community for over two decades, so he knows the players across the region. Thanks to this wealth of experience, he can hit the ground running and take EAW sales to new heights.”

Schloesser noted when speaking of his new post, “EAW is more than a brand. It’s almost a lifestyle for people in pro audio,” he said. “Now I get to be a part of this iconic company – a part of the history. Asia is growing, and EAW is growing. My job is to connect those two things. It’s tremendously exciting to think about what kinds of projects we’ll be involved with in the future.”