EXCLUSIVE: Amadeus introduces PMX 4 loudspeaker

French pro audio manufacturer Amadeus unveiled the new PMX 4 four-inch coaxial loudspeaker at this year’s JTSE show in Paris.

The PMX 4 is the smallest model in the firm’s PMX Series – which also includes fifteen, twelve, eight and five-inch versions – and is the final addition to the range.

The new speaker is designed for users looking to combine "high sonic fidelity with ultra-compact format for space-limited installation or live use," the company says.

“We recently received several convergent requests from composers, designers and scenographers – with whom we have been working with for long time – looking for a highly accurate, transparent, neutral, and above all miniature, sound reinforcement solution,” said Gaetan Byk, marketing manager at Amadeus.

Michel Deluc, lead designer at the company, added: “We had to create a product matching the Amadeus sonic philosophy, starting from the PMX 5 format and trying to reduce it’s size by 50 per cent without making any sonic compromise.

“This loudspeaker comprises a four-inch neodymium woofer, with a 0.8-inch tweeter mounted in coaxial mode. It draws 300 Watts peak from the line, under an eight-ohm impedance, and produces 112 dB peak SPL.”

The latest model is available in standard Birch or in Wenge, Wacapou, Wamara, and Ebony from Africa, as well as more traditional timbers, such as White Sycamore and Oak.

Due to be released next year, the Amadeus PMX 4 is priced at "just under €500" each.

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