FaitalPRO launches new range of ferrite products

Italian loudspeaker manufacturer FaitalPRO has recently announced the introduction of several new additions to its range of ferrite products.

The decision to create new product lines was made in order to meet increasing market demands, which specifically require products with ferrite magnets, as well as to expand the company’s catalogue without replacing any of its neodymium models.

Flavio Naggi, overseas sales manager, FaitalPRO, commented: “We are offering our clients an alternative based on new, soft and refined acoustic tonalities: the current product range will remain and the new families with a ferrite heart will join them to complete a now very extensive catalogue.”

In its endeavour to expand its product catalogue, the R&D department of FaitalPRO has taken inspiration from its own neodymium line, whilst still looking to create entirely new ferrite products. However, Naggi is keen to point out that the new ferrite products should not simply be viewed as a cheaper option to their neodymium counterparts, insisting that these items can also offer a number of audio benefits.

“It is important to note that the new ferrite loudspeaker families are not just ‘low-cost options’ compared to the neodymium series,” he added. “They are products for those who put a lot of passion into their work, that have similar performance potential, but whose magnet assemblies in ferrite behave in a different way.

“In theory, if we should compare two loudspeakers with identical moving assemblies, one with a ferrite magnet assembly and one in neodymium –placed in identical enclosures- we would realise that a substantial difference in tonality exists due to the structure of the ceramic magnet assembly, peculiar in generating a constant magnetic field.”

Further details on the new FaitalPRO loudspeaker models in ferrite will be available shortly.