FBT introduces new Vertus CS1000 compact line array

FBT has revealed its new modular Vertus CS1000 compact line array, designed to offer a ‘no-compromise choice’ for live performers and installers.

The system can be deployed on stage within minutes, making it ideal for performers, or taking advantage of its discreteness, can be integrated into the most sophisticated locations.

A bi-amplified design, the Vertus CS1000 comprises a long excursion 12” bass reflex subwoofer and a passive mounted satellite, linked via a Neutrik SPEAKON connector, equipped with six full-range neodymium 3” drivers. Onboard the subwoofer is a Class-D, two channel amplifier, complete with switch-mode power supply, delivering 600W RMS to the subwoofer and 400W RMS to the satellite, both of which are housed in birch plywood enclosures.

For ease of use, a storage compartment is provided within the subwoofer enclosure to securely house both the satellite speaker and its supplied mounting pole for storage and transport. A dedicated locking system holds all of the equipment in place.

As with all FBT products, ease of use is exemplified by a novel mounting pole arrangement. Comprising three sections, the pole allows users to alter the height of the satellite to suit their requirements, while a custom joint provides continuous vertical adjustment to ensure precise coverage in every venue. The slim proportions of the satellite facilitates a wide horizontal dispersion of 110°, while the precision placement of the six 3” drivers to form a J-array creates a vertical dispersion of 30° (+10° / -20°).

If more power is required, two of the systems can be deployed in a dual configuration to form a much more powerful option. By stacking the two subwoofers and locking the two satellites together end-to-end (via optional hardware), the maximum SPL of the overall system is raised by 6dB. Coverage is also extended – although the horizontal dispersion remains consistent, vertical dispersion increases to 40° (+20° / -20°).

Weighing 25.9 kg, the Vertus CS1000 delivers 129dB continuous across 40Hz-20kHz and comes with a built-in DSP offering eight presets. Control panel features include master volume, presets, satellite volume, HPF, and LED status.

The FBT Vertus CS1000 is available immediately.