FBT seminar tour reaches Indonesia

Following its appearance at PALME Thailand, Italian loudspeaker specialist FBT has taken its seminar tour to Indonesia, taking in the cities of Solo, Yogyakarta and Serang.

FBT export manager Roberto Mataloni, accompanied by product manager Remo Orsoni, greeted the attendees to the various seminars, which saw the company and its Indonesian distributor PT Citra Intirama aim to provide attendees with comprehensive information about the Italian manufacturer’s history and facilities, product lines and unique selling points, along with a sound demonstration of several FBT products.

“On this occasion, I would like to express my sincere thanks to FBT for their visit to Indonesia and for providing plenty of time to deliver valuable seminars in several cities. These have been very useful for all of us and especially for our dealers; I am sure these events have produced successful results with many valuable information about the FBT products and they will help to further develop FBT brand awareness and sales in the Indonesian market,” commented Mr. Leo Saleh, owner of PT Citra Intirama.

“Once again, thank you for the support you have both given to P.T Citra Intirama” added Eric Haslim, Pro Audio Division director at PT Citra Intirama. “My team and I have been delighted to have you both and we are sincerely looking forward to having another seminar trip. Our sincere thanks go to FBT’s owners for the support received. I believe consistent promotional activities like this will improve FBT’s recognition by the market and therefore translate into higher market share and sales.”

“On behalf of FBT, we would like to thank Mr. Leo Saleh, Mr. Eric Haslim and all staff at PT Citra Intirama for the great outcome of these seminars done together in Indonesia. Both companies enjoy a long standing mutual business relationship and we have felt it is truly important to strengthen our collaboration by addressing these special activities to the dealer network working with our brand in this beautiful country” commented Mataloni. “We have always felt very much welcome and could meet and talk with several dealers for a better understanding of our reciprocal origins and know more about the market. We will surely come again and repeat another tour touching other parts of this immense country.”

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