‘Finally the timing was right’: iZotope CEO Mark Ethier on new Native Instruments alliance

iZotope co-founder and CEO Mark Ethier has spoken to Audio Media International about the company’s new collaborative partnership with Native Instruments and what it means for the music making community.

Yesterday (March 11), it was announced that iZotope and Native Instruments had formed a new music technology group that is designed to “better support the creative community through close collaboration, the sharing of knowledge and technology and the enhancement of product offerings”.

A joint statement from the two companies confirmed that they will continue to operate independently with no structural changes to either party.  

So what exactly does the new partnership mean for music makers and the wider industry? Audio Media International caught up with Ethier to find out…

How did this alliance come about?
There have been many times in our history where we’ve wondered what it would be like to partner more closely. Past collaborations, like when iZotope introduced NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) to Ozone 9, gave us a glimmer of the potential. We share a depth of experience in the industry, with NI’s journey beginning in 1996 and iZotope’s in 2001. 

We both have unique and complementary strengths – from iZotope’s intelligent audio processing to NI’s innovative instruments, effects, and integrated hardware. Finally, the timing was just right.

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Does the new group you’ve formed have a name?
Technically the name is Music Creation Group, but it’s a group that spans the interest of both music makers and anyone working with audio. We didn’t emphasise this name because the group itself is not intended to be the focus. The group is really more focused on supporting the companies within it.

How will the collaboration work?
When it comes to defining our shared future and vision, I will work side by side with Native Instruments’ CEO, Constantin Koehncke – and we’ll of course be supported by our talented teams. We’re just starting that work now.

What form will the collaboration take? Can we expect to see joint iZotope/Native Instrument products any time soon?
Our imaginations are already running wild thinking of the ways we can make the creative process easier and more accessible for musicians, producers, and audio engineers of all kinds. With the combination of our talent and technology, there are certainly many possibilities

What are your plans and ambitions for 2021?
We’ll be starting those conversations in the next few weeks…

What does this alliance mean for music makers?
As more and more people get into music making, they’re looking for better and easier ways to realise their ideas or to get started on their journey. To take an idea out of their head and put it into the world, or to put the finishing touches on their project. Together, iZotope and Native Instruments will be able to break down barriers and make it easier for music makers—and producers and engineers—to realise their creative vision, no matter where they are in their process.

And what does this alliance mean for the rest of the market?
Together we share a vision of a more cohesive ecosystem for the creative process, one that’s more welcoming and inspiring for anyone working with audio. It’s an ambitious vision for sure, but when you consider the combined forces of our two extremely talented and passionate teams, anything seems possible. 

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