First installation of K1 completed in Asia

Korea’s Yonsei Central Baptish Church has become the first to install an L-Acoustics K1 WST line source system.

Located in Seoul, the Church is one of Asia’s most impressive Houses of Worship. The entire site occupies a total area of 32,677 square metres, over 120 rooms and is equipped with around 200 L-Acoustics cabinets. The K1 system has been installed into the main Jerusalem sanctuary, a 13,000-seat hall with a single balcony occupying three floors of the building, with no visible obstructions such as supporting pillars, allowing everyone a unobstructed view of the service.

Mr Park Byung Jun, who heads the church broadcasting team, and Mr Lee Hwan Chul, head of the project team, together with Scott Sung, L-Acoustics product manager for local distributor Dream Sound, needed to conceal some dV-DOSC delays they were planning to install alongside the Jerusalem sanctuary’s V-DOSC system. In doing so, they examined the possibility of installing K1 instead. Providing 3dB more than the V-DOSC system, K1 was found to give more SPL right to the back of the hall, removing the need for the dV-DOSC delays completely.

The installation comprises two hangs of nine K1 boxes with three KARA WST line source cabinets and four K1-SB subs per side, powered by LA8 amplified controllers. For the back rows of the hall, two hangs of four white 8XTi coaxial speakers from L-Acoustics’ Architectural Series have been integrated, blending discreetly into the building’s interior. Designed for permanent installation applications, the Architectural Series combines streamlined cabinetry and rigging with a choice of colour options for discreet integration, while providing the same sonic characteristics as other L-Acoustics systems.

"The goal for the new sound design was to cover the audience area without the need for delays or under-balcony systems, guaranteeing a clear view for the audience,” said Cedric Montrezor, L-Acoustics’ head of installation support. “Dream Sound proposed upgrading the existing V-DOSC/dV-DOSC to a full K1 system and we helped them with the sound design. Thanks to the K1 rigging, we were able to lower the system in order to cover the under-balcony areas with the main system and to maintain an homogenous SPL/frequency response coverage on the balcony."