Five Finger Death Punch use KRK

Jason Hook, lead guitarist for heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch, is currently using KRK Systems’ VXT8 monitors and 12sHO sub in his home studio, where he holds the additional roles of record producer, songwriter, and solo artist.

“I love KRK and have used them for years,” said Hook. “It wasn’t until after I became a Gibson artist that I found out KRK was part of the brand. That’s why when I upgraded my home studio, which is always a work in progress, I had to get my monitors from KRK. Basically, I do all of my music in there. It has all of my amps, pedals, guitars and recording gear, such as my Pro Tools HD rig. The KRK VXT8s definitely have the muscle I need for rock music.”

According to Hook, one of the standout features of the 12sHO is the Bypass Footswitch Control, which allows users to defeat the sub and provide full-range audio to their recording monitors for use with a standard latching ¼in mono footswitch.

“This is what I used all through the making of the band’s last record,” said Hook. “I have a pro-level system right here at my house that allows me to work at home at a level that’s compatible with a professional studio.”