Flare Audio launches X2A at ABTT

British loudspeaker manufacturer Flare Audio has announced a new, smaller compact vertical point source system – the X2A.

The X2A system, comprising the X2A Compact Vertical Point Source Array, the Q12 bass, and the X0A Mini Compact Vertical Point Source Array speaker is designed to bring the same studio reference quality using Vortex and Space technologies (from the X5A) to smaller installations and live events.

Using the company’s patent pending Space, Vortex, and Nanoflow technologies, the X2A System allows sound to be produced with a minimum of interference from box pressure and resonance with the aim that the purity of sound will provide a platform for expression allowing engineers to work with the sound created by the artist, not the loudspeaker.

Director of Flare Audio, Kristin Hanson comments: "The X2A system brings the same realism and clarity of the X5A large venue system and the S1 studio system to small live performance, and marks the availability of Flare X Series for any application and size of venue.

"Because both the X2A and X0A are vertical point source arrays, they offer a completely modular solution for both touring and installation applications whether that be a distributed installation or a line array for a touring production. This modularity along with the compact size of the X Series offers an ideal building-block system and cost savings for all productions."

The X0A can be used as a low-level installation speaker, arrayed in a vertical point source, or used as a delay

The X2A features 200 Vortex ports coupled with the compression of Space technology and has a a frequency response of 95Hz – 18KHz (+/- 3dB) and has a 300w (AES) 8” and 2 x 60w (AES) 1” drivers. Measuring only 250mm x 435mm x 170mm it can be used on its own or in a vertical array of up to 20 boxes with various tilt options: 0°- 2.5°- 5°- 7.5°- 10°. The speaker features the same signature aluminium and birch ply as the X5A.

The Q12 bass is a compact version of the X5A System’s Q18. This double 12in bass can be stacked or arrayed to fit a multitude of venues. The speaker features 2 x 12in neo drivers, 1800w (AES), a maximum SPL of 136dB, and a frequency response of 30Hz – 250Hz and only measures 491mm x 350mm x 548mm and weighs 31kg.

The last part of the system, the X0A is the smallest (129mm x 150mm x 78mm) in the Flare Audio range and features a frequency response of 90Hz – 20KHz (+/- 6dB) and a 30w (AES) driver, making it optimal as a low-level installation speaker, or alternatively, arrayed in a Vertical Point Source or used on its own as a delay.