Flare Audio smashes kickstarter target

Flare Audio has achieved its £100,000 goal as part of a kickstarter campaign for its new Reference R2 earphones, and has so far beat its target by almost £20,000.

At the time of writing, the company currently has 889 backers, and raised £119,487 with more than two days still to go.

Flare’s technology promises ‘pure, distortion free sound’, ‘amazing clarity’and ‘ideal isolation’. Flare’s R2s are designed to be smaller than competing products and promise sound quality achieved in bulkier custom and semi-custom in-ear monitors offered at more than ten times the price. The metal earphones are also pressure balanced to reduce listening fatigue.

Flare is offering its IEM range at a reduced price as part of the campaign which runs until 3 June, after which all prices return to SRP. Check out the Kickstarter campaign and limited time offer here.