‘Flexible’ Coda Audio ViRAY system used on Belgium Motown tour

A Coda Audio sound system was chosen for its suitability on a Motown tour in Belgium last month. 

Soul singer and actor Nathalie Meskens performed dates in cities including Ghent and Antwerp, having also performed the same set at festivals last summer.

Front of House engineer Peter Claes chose Studio Haifax, a customer of Coda Audio’s Belgian distributor Viladco, to supply the audio. In consultation with the Dilbeek-based rental company, Claes settled on a Coda Audio ViRAY system. 

“First of all, I chose to use Studio Haifax because they consistently deliver great service and have a fantastic crew," Claes said. "I’ve used Coda Audio AiRAY and ViRAY systems in the past and the flexibility they offer is key. This particular tour presented a mixture of venue types and sizes, so I was confident the ViRAY system could be tailored to meet the varying needs, without compromising the very specific Motown sound I would be trying to represent.”

The system runs digitally by converting AES from FOH to LINET with the LINET Master. LINUS live/remote software is working together with a Smaart measuring set up on a MacBook Pro.

System tech Tim Martens added: “It’s my job to time and phase align the system – if we need to EQ it’s because of room modes – but at each venue we quickly get the result we want.”