Focusrite in the Studio with Sound Designer Dean Hovey

With more than two decades and 1000 commercials, feature films, TV show, and art installations under his belt, LA-based sound designer Dean Hovey has amassed a huge amount of synths, sequencers, and obscure one-off sound-generating curios.

"Each box is unique and has very specific characteristics. They’re all different, on purpose, and selected for generating a wide palette of sonic possibilities," explains Hovey.

His LA-based studio rig enables him to send MIDI information to each device simultaneously allowing for a novel workflow for sculpting sounds, but with so many separate audio sources, Dean needed a a sufficiently large audio interface system to allow him to record each signal on its own channel in his DAW software, which led him to Focusrite’s Dante-enabled RedNet system.

"I go from my analogue synthesisers and generators into my RedNet I/O, via three Synth Drivers for balanced signal conversion. Once my devices are connected to RedNet, then they’re on the Dante network and I can record them into either Logic, Live or on my Pro Tools HDX system.

"If I were to work in a traditional method, I’d have to have 64 singular cables feeding from room to room. On the Dante network I have just one Ethernet cable going from the Ethernet hub in the back room to the Ethernet hub in the main room, lacing into my RedNet interfaces." From here, Dean creates completely unique timbres from numerous devices, giving him the sonic edge on his sound design projects.

For more on Dean’s use of RedNet in the studio and on the move watch the video below.