Ford Audio brings L-Acoustics KARA to Pacific Northwest

Sound reinforcement and AV service/rental provider Ford Audio has taken delivery of the first L-Acoustics KARA system in Washington State.

The initial order consisted of 24 KARA, accompanied by 12 SB18 and eight SB28 subs, four 12XT coaxial monitors, and eight LA8 amplified controllers.

Located on the southern edge of the state, Ford Audio is well positioned to service corporate clients, venues, festivals and regional tours throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

"We’ve had several rigs in our 17-year history, and this time we wanted the best modular array that money could buy to move our company forward," said owner Gary Ford. "We looked at other systems, of course, but ultimately felt that L-Acoustics offered the best package, not to mention a longstanding history with top artists and the Rental Network to back it up."

The company had considered purchasing a V-DOSC system in 2006, but it was too big of a step for the firm at the time. "KARA, however, fits our business model perfectly," Ford stated. "We needed a ton of flexibility, and KARA hits it spot on. It’s a lightweight, highly scalable, turnkey package that’s heavy hitting and rider friendly. And what can I say about the DOSC waveguide? Absolutely nothing compares to it in terms of fidelity."

As for the SB28 subwoofer, he commented: "The port design is a milestone in sub technology; the amount of output the SB28 achieves with little to no port turbulence is amazing. Never before have we had a system that hits every note from 25Hz to 20kHz without any holes and still sounds so warm and musical. There are other ‘flat’ systems out there, but compared to this one, they sound sterile and lifeless."

In the few short months since adding the KARA system, Ford Audio has been busy introducing it to a number of clients. "We’ve done quite a few shows already with the rig and the results have been outstanding every time," Ford noted. "We had a show at a large theater in Seattle where the house audio engineer made it a point to tell the promoter that it was the best sounding system that had ever been in his venue."

"We’re delighted to welcome Gary and Angie Ford and their team to our Rental Network," added Dave Weidenhoffer, L-Acoustics US regional sales manager. "With their recent investment into KARA, SB18, SB28, 12XT and LA8, we know that they’ll be well equipped to service the Pacific Northwest region with a comprehensive portfolio of L-Acoustics products."

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