Founding meeting of the Pure Audio Group takes place

On 5 July 2013, a constitution meeting of the Pure Audio Group, initially conceived at Midem 2013, took place in Berlin. Present were numerous international representatives from the music and audio industry, who agreed to establish Pure Audio Blu-ray worldwide, as the high-end physical sound recording format for high-resolution stereo and surround sound music productions. The organisation will act as a registered and representative body that will decide on strategic matters related to the Pure Audio Group.

The 22 attending businesses bring to 42, the total members who have agreed on the founding of the Pure Audio Group. An additional 51 businesses have expressed interest in working with the non-profit interest group; establishing a solid base for the future. Their collective knowledge, aggressive sales strategies, focused market presence and targeted marketing activities will help to invigorate the format on the market.

This partnership is comprised of renowned music producers, content owners and businesses in the fields of replication, mastering and authoring.

Representatives of the BVMI (Bundesverband Musikindustrie, BVMI – Federal Association of the Music Industry) and the VUT (Verbandes unabhängiger Musikunternehmen, VUT – Association of Independent Music Companies) who attended, have expressed their interest in the format and support its marketing.

Jan Rickers, board member of the BVV (Bundesverband Audiovisuelle Medien, BVV – Federal Association of Audio-Visual Media) and Vice-President of STUDIOCANAL Home Entertainment Germany emphasised the importance and chance for the introduction into the marketplace in his keynote address. His conviction is based on recent events concerning the introduction of Blu-ray as the successor to the DVD and the positive resulting experiences in the video market.

In addition to the official founding of the Pure Audio Group, the attending members also agreed on a unified Pure Audio Standard with an operating concept that is distinctively described in the AES 21ID specifications, published by the Audio Engineering Society in 2011. The standard also conforms to all Blu-ray Disc specifications.

“Our event has clearly shown the importance of a unified consumer experience for the success of the format. As the Pure Audio Group, we will give artists and labels the opportunity to release their studio recordings on a lossless physical medium, through our mutual activities with an unambiguous brand name,” commented Christoph Diekmann (pictured), Executive Director of the Pure Audio Group.