French firm equips Dolby Atmos mixing stage with Meyer system

Dubbing Brothers, a leading French post-production centre, has installed a Meyer Sound system in its newly upgraded Dolby Atmos mixing facility.

Located just outside Paris, Dubbing Brothers specialises in adapting major films into various different languages.

Its recently renovated Atmos mixing stage – responsible for the dubbing and remixing of films such as Escape Plan, Saving Mr. Banks, and the Dolby Atmos mix of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – is now equipped with a variety of Meyer Sound speakers.

“When we decided to update our main 7.1 mixing room to Atmos, we wanted monitoring of the highest quality,” said Dubbing Brothers sales director Mathieu Taieb. “We knew other major post-production houses were using Meyer Sound for Atmos, so we arranged a session to listen to a Meyer Sound system. We were very impressed with what we heard. The sound was dynamic and precise, warm, and never aggressive. Both bass and high frequencies exhibited very high resolution.”

Provided by cinema audio firm 44.1, the loudspeaker system was designed to Dolby Atmos specifications. It consists of three Acheron 80 screen channel loudspeakers, four X-800C cinema subs in the front, two X-400C subwoofers at the back, and four HMS-12 and 34 HMS-10 cinema surround speakers.

“I enjoy mixing on the system immensely,” Taieb continued. “You can work all day on a movie with very high dynamic levels, and not feel tired or mugged by the sound. I’m continually impressed with the precision and clarity.”

Designed and supervised by 44.1’s Paul Henri Wagner, the full technical overhaul of the room included the installation of new wiring, a 244-channel/48-fader Avid System 5 console, and a pair of Pro Tools HDX systems.

Set up in 1989 and based in St. Denis, Dubbing Brothers has satellite offices in the US, Germany, Italy and Belgium. The company offers a wide range of audio, video, technical, and creative services for the global film and video entertainment industries, and operates under the leadership of Philippe Taieb, president and CEO; and general manager Alexandre Taieb.

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