Funktion-One and XTA upgrade Steel Arena

Slovakia’s Steel Arena has been given a full upgrade by Funktion-One and XTA.

The ice hockey venue, which is also host to a multitude of other sporting and entertainment events, looked to the installation of a Funktion-One/XTA system to solve its acoustic challenges.

The specification and installation was carried out by Humenné-based Citylight, with the project entailing the removal of the existing audio installation and setting up the new one, as well as the addition of acoustic treatment to the walls and ceiling.

“I’ve worked in the arena as an front of house engineer several times and had real problems with the acoustics,” said Citylight’s Igor Horváth. “When I heard the Funktion One AX88 for the first time in London, I knew that it was the solution for venues like the Steel Arena. And, of course, if you are use the best speakers in the world, you have to use the best equipment throughout the audio chain – and there is nobody better than XTA.”

The new system comprises 19 AX88 and 10 F118 subs flown in five clusters 23m above the floor along the hall’s centreline. Powered by three E45, four E25 and one E15 MC² Audio E Series amplifiers, all system control is via XTA DP448s.

“As well as announcements, the system is also used for fills and delays at live gigs. Eight output channels are split across the five clusters, each delayed separately,” added Igor. “The front of house engineer sets it up using XTA’s AudioCore software and it sounds amazing.”