Funktion-One hits the road with ‘Horse’ McDonald

Glasgow’s ‘Horse’ McDonald recently took to the road for her recent tour with a PA system featuring a host of Funktion-One elements.

The PA system, which was specified by McDonald’s FOH engineer Andy Jackson, comprised two F121s and one Res3 per side with FFA amps/XTA crossovers, while FFA amps also drove RM18 monitors.

Jackson explained: “A colleague (David "Steedsy" Stevenson) was installing a system in a Glasgow venue, and suggested I’d take a listen. I was blown away. The system was loud. We all know just turning up the volume DOES NOT make things better. Although it was loud, I couldn’t believe the definition, detail, and more importantly, the headroom that the system had. It was then decided I had to get one of these rigs out touring. I had a couple of gigs coming up with Horse, and asked to spec a system for me for The City Halls (Glasgow). We spec’d 2xF121’s + 1xRes3 per side, with FFA Amps / XTA Crossovers, with monitors being RM18’s driven by FFA amps.

“Throughout the gig I could hear every detail, every nuance, from the Funktion-One system,” he continued. “The bottom end was really round and full, the mids sat very, very nice, and the top end shine, air and detail came out very well. Horse’s vocal sat dead-pan in the middle, and sat just right on the complex arrangements of her
band. Great mic, great talent, great system! One thing that did strike me was the incredible stereo imaging. It was really comforting to hear that if you panned something across the stereo field, you could ‘follow’ it. This is a testament to how Tony Andrews and his team take the point-source paradigm to new and refined heights. The dispersion characteristics of the units are spot on.”

McDonald was also keen to express her delight at the system’s performance. “I expect a lot from the sound system I use,” she added. “I rely on it to deliver my voice and most specifically to be true to what I have actually produced. Whatever the type of gig, I need the PA to be flexible. My voice is distinct and I need the PA to relay that sound and uniqueness.

“With Funktion-One from Steedsy it’s a one stop shop for me; clarity; depth; energy; Quality – astonishing and effortless power, a very impressive beast! Absolute first class! A welcome addition to my team. Delighted to recommend to anyone.”

‘Steedsy’ concluded: “We could have used much smaller systems for the gigs, but
Horse’s voice is big and deep one second, then away to a whisper in an instant. We wanted to have a system with maximum dynamic range and loads of headroom”

Photo by Justin Moir.

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