Funktion-One systems used on all eight stages at Welcome to the Future festival

Welcome to the Future festival took place in the Wet Twiske parklands, just north of Amsterdam on 22 July.

The annual house and techno festival is now in its eleventh year, with a Funktion-One Vero sound system used on the main stage and seven smaller stages.

An array of four V60 mid-highs, four V90 mid-highs and five V315 mid-bass were flown on each side of the main stage. The arrays were complemented by15 V221 high-intensity bass enclosures to provide fast, accurate, dynamic bass with four Funktion-One F132A 32in bass enclosures were used for the sub-bass frequencies.

The main stage system was powered by 10 Lab.gruppen PLM 20K44 amplifiers built in to compact, shock-mounted Vero amp racks.

Think! AV supplied the system, having added Vero to its inventory at the start of the year. Welcome to the Future is just the latest outing for the system after a busy summer of festivals that has included DGTL, Dockyard Warehouse, Dekmantel, and Mysteryland.

“Vero has been a great investment for us,” explained Think! AV owner, Remco van der Werff. “Audiences love it, so naturally event organisers want it. Being able to deliver that kind of all-round satisfaction has really helped to take us to the next level as a company.”

Elsewhere at the festival, a Funktion-One Evolution series system was put in to action on the 7,500-capacity Techno tent. Six Evo 7T, six Evo 7TH mid-highs and six Evo 7TL-215 mid-bass enclosures were flown as the main PA alongside 16 Vero V221 bass cabinets.

With a revolutionary system like Vero – a quick and convenient deployment doesn’t have to be at the expense of sonic performance.” 

– Tony Andrews

Infill was provided by two Evo 6EH. Another eight Evo 7T enclosures were used as a 25m delay, with four Evo 7SH and an F215 Mk2 provided delay at the 50m mark. Four Vero amp racks, each loaded with three Lab.gruppen PLM20K44s, powered the system.

Funktion-One’s Resolution Series was used on the remaining six stages, including: the 17x19m Circus tent; 3,000-capacity House tent; 20x30m Basement hangar; 600-capacity Forest open air stage; and the 26x44m Amsterdam tent.

Amplification across the smaller stages was mainly from FFA-6004 and FFA-10000 (with NST Audio D-48 DSP), as well as some MC2 E60s and E45s.

Commenting on the choice of Sound System for the festival, event director Carina Kornfeind, said: "For the second year in a row, we introduced Funktion-One’s vertical array sound system, Vero, at Welcome to the Future, bringing us a new dimension of frequencies and depth and making the experience on the dancefloor more immersive than ever before."

Added Funktion-One founder Tony Andrews: “It’s great to see sound quality being placed centre stage in such a big way. Increasingly, festivals and live tours are seeing that – with a revolutionary system like Vero – a quick and convenient deployment doesn’t have to be at the expense of sonic performance.”