Funktion-One unveils new F1201 compact loudspeaker

Surrey-based pro audio manufacturers, Funktion-One, have released a new addition to their compact loudspeaker range, the F1201.

The new Funktion-One F1201 sits in the range between the award-winning 10/1 inch driver F101 and their innovative 12/5 inch driver Resolution 1.

The cost-effective F1201 enclosure brings to the table a 12/1 inch driver configuration which delivers Funktion One’s unique low-distortion approach to driver design and crossover point optimisation. Thank to this the F1201—unlike many 12/1 inch driver cabinets—manages to avoid the usual harshness of the configuration and offers the user top notch clarity and definition with robust bass.

The F1201 comes with a 90° by 40° high frequency horn. This can be easily rotated by the user through 90° which allows for vertical and horizontal deployment.

Furthermore, the F1201 functions as a stand alone speaker which can be deployed for a vast range of application. According to the company, it is ideally suited to being combined with the Funktion-One F118, F218, Infrabass 218 and F121 bass enclosures where extra bass reinforcement is desired.

Production availability anticipated Autumn 2012