Funky Junk now supplying Soyuz

Funky Junk has been appointed the new UK distributor for Soyuz Microphones.

Made in Tula, Russia, where the country’s first microphone factory was established in 1927, the Soyuz microphone range is already well established despite being recently launched, according to Funky Junk, with the SU-017 (pictured) being the primary vocal mic on the latest Coldplay album.

Soyuz state that their custom cardioid capsules are based on the renowned Neumann K67 design. Drilled by hand, the 248 holes found on the dual 34mm membrane capsule allow the microphone to perform naturally to high levels of precision.

The SU-017 has been praised by many well known industry professionals, including Butch Walker (Pink, Taylor Swift, Weezer), who commented: “I plugged in the SU-017 and replayed an acoustic track and re-sang a lead vocal on the spot that I ended up keeping for the final version. It sounded ten times better than what I had done, with much more body and character."

Sylvia Massy (Bjork, Prince, Deftones) had this to say about the SU-017: “It sounds so full and warm, with creamy highs and organic lows.”

Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich also brought his stereo pair of SU-017’s to the Mehrangarh Fort in Rajasthan, India for the recording of Jonny Greenwood’s latest project, Junun.