Furman takes to the road with Hadouken!

Furman has today (April 27th) announced that UK band Hadouken! will be taking to the road with the company’s Merit Export Series M-10x E power conditioners for its UK tour.

The band will be utilising multiple M-10x E power conditioners throughout the tour, which are designed to provide their equipment with noise-free power for optimal performance on 13 dates, while protecting components from damage caused by surges and other power anomalies from venue to venue.

“As a dance act, trying to recreate the tunes from the studio in a live format means we’re reliant on a lot of technology on stage,” said Hadouken! bassist Chris Purcell. “We chose Furman power conditioners as our insurance policy to keep that technology running exactly as it should.” 

Intended for use in professional commercial installations and music industry applications, the M-10x E single-space, rackmount power conditioner offers surge/spike protection, AC noise filtration, and a steel chassis. The unit provides ten filtered and protected rear-panel outlets with a front-panel convenience outlet and ‘Protection OK’ indicator light.

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