Futuresource Audio Collaborative 2022 – Speaker Round-Up

Taking place at the Ham Yard Hotel in central London this November 10th, Audio Collaborative 2022 is an opportunity to meet, network, and share bold new ideas. Delegates from the worlds of both professional and consumer audio will be meeting under one roof to look into the future of the industry.

Here’s a look at some key of key speakers from the line-up below for Audio Collaborative 2022.

Carsten Olesen – HARMAN International

The keynote speaker will be Carsten Olesen, President of the Consumer Audio Division at HARMAN. Carsten started his career with HARMAN in 1999 as a brand director before landing his current position. He has a wealth of experience in consumer audio and will be sharing his knowledge and insight.

Phil Cummings – HARMAN Professional EMEA

Phil’s expertise lies in professional audio. He has over 17 years of experience in pro audio and artist relations and has worked on the live tours of some serious names, including Ed Sheeran and Adele. Currently developing business for the tour audio business, Phil works closely with a roster of emerging artists, live sound engineers, and influencers.

Althea Ricketts – Shure

Althea from Shure will be discussing all things sustainability at Audio Collaborative 2022. Althea joined Shure in 1992 and has been critical in many of the customer-facing efficiency initiatives. She has some impressive credentials to her name, including Crain’s Chicago Business 2022 Notable Executives of Colour in Manufacturing and an industry influencer to watch in PRO AV 2021. As Executive Leader focused on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access, Althea will provide insight into how the audio space can do and be more.

Simon Byron Yogscast Games

Simon looks after the games publishing side of Yogscast. He’ll be part of an Audio Collaborative panel discussing how to Make More of Audio in Gaming. Having launched some of the biggest and best indie games on PC and console, there’s no better candidate to lead discussions on how to enhance and elevate gaming audio.

Dom Robinson – Greening of Streaming

Dom Robinson is founder of Greening of Streaming. Dom has pioneered conversations surrounding sustainability in the audio space and has worked on the streaming strategies for Number 10, Parliament, Glastonbury, Sky Sports, and countless others. Dom will be delivering his take on what can be done to bring sustainability to the forefront of the audio industry.

Matt Murray – DSP Concepts

Matt Murray has over 13 years of experience working with audio technology companies. After graduating from Emerson College, Matt worked in the MI space leading retail channel sales for iZotope, Inc. He later moved to embedded audio with marketing roles at dbx-tv, and now DSP Concepts. In between Matt has found time to freelance as a live sound engineer, AV consultant, and voiceover artist.

Jon Kiachian – Knowles Corporation

One of our latest additions to the line-up is Jon Kiachian from Knowles. Jon has over 25 years of experience in semiconductor engineering and product development, and currently works as Vice President & General Manager, Hearing Health Technologies at Knowles Corporation. Jon will be joining the panel discussing the ‘Next Big Thing’ in audio.

Max Tiel & Joost de Boo Thunderboom Records

What will be the impact on music if computers become better singers than Beyoncé, better performers than Prince, or better producers than Rick Rubin? In the closing keynote, Thunderboom Records will take you on a journey through state-of-the-art music technology and discuss the impact on the lives of artists and their audiences. Founders Max Tiel & Joost de Boo will talk about virtual artists, AI generated music and much more.

Further companies confirmed for participation include Dolby, Starkey Hearing, Audio Codecs, MQA, KEF, DTS, Mimi Hearing, Faunhofer IIS & Tymphany.

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