Galaxy Studios looks to Meyer Sound for new Auro-3D facility

Galaxy Studios in Belgium has constructed a new dub stage to showcase its proprietary Auro-3D immersive surround sound technology.

Known as the “AuroTorium,” the facility is equipped with a 59-loudspeaker Meyer Sound cinema system that fully supports standard 5.1, Auro 11.1, Auro 13.1, and other object-based formats that utilise Auro-3D’s Creative Tool Suite plug-ins.

“The goal of Auro-3D is to create the most natural sound experience possible,” commented Wilfried Van Baelen, co-owner of Galaxy Studios and principal developer of Auro-3D. “Of all the cinema loudspeakers I have heard, Meyer Sound systems bring the listener closest to realising the ultimate in fully immersive sound.”

The AuroTorium’s monitoring system is anchored by six Meyer Sound Acheron 80 screen channel loudspeakers, along with 44 HMS-10 cinema surround loudspeakers. Six X-800C cinema subs cover the LFE channel, while another three X-800C subwoofers at the back of the room provide low-frequency extension for the surround channels. The system’s mixing format can be re-configured easily with the click of a mouse.

“The fact that all Meyer Sound loudspeakers are self-powered is particularly advantageous on a dub stage,” Van Baelen continued. “Although Auro-3D is primarily channel-based, we do have tools for object-based surround effects. It’s easier to do object-based sound design with self-powered systems, because all surrounds are individually addressable.”

The facility is home to two mixing consoles – an Auro-3D version of an AMS Neve DFC Gemini with up to 2,000 channels, and an Avid ICON D-Control, both featuring 48 faders. A complete Pro Tools recording system is complemented by TC Electronic System 6000, Lexicon 960L, and Cedar DNS1000 outboard equipment.

The AuroTorium can also be quickly converted into a large, 150-seat screening room via hydraulic lifts. The production platform can be placed into storage and replaced by VIP luxury seats, too.

“We designed this facility to take the next step forward in audio post for cinema,” Van Baelen concluded. “We wanted to define a new future for cinema sound, and the Meyer Sound loudspeakers will play a significant role in achieving that goal.”

For more information on Auro-3D, click here.

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