Gearbox Records owner to deliver first ‘Audio Lounge Talks’ session

High-end audio retailer Audio Lounge has introduced a new set of events for 2014 – Audio Lounge Talks.

The London firm says the upcoming sessions will shed some light on important developments in music and music technology.

The series begins with Darrel Sheinman, owner of Gearbox Records, a Kings Cross-based record label with its own vinyl cutting studio, on Thursday January 23rd 2014. Sheinman will run through the vinyl mastering process in detail, outlining the pure analogue transition from recording studio tape to vinyl.

Last year, over 780,000 vinyl LPs were sold in the UK, the biggest increase in more than a decade.

“As non-physical digital music starts to take off to replace CD, the desire for people to have and hold things they love remains,” said Sheinman ahead of his talk. “The most complete way you can do this in music is through the vinyl medium, so gradually vinyl will replace CD sales once the turntable infrastructure re-builds, which is happening.

“Vinyl sound quality is much higher than MP3 music, better than CD and marginally better or equal to high resolution digital music files, although even high resolution files tend not to be as open, warm and natural sounding as vinyl or reel to reel tape. We also know that the current vinyl buying generation are young, as most of their parents converted to CD, which is now seen as uncool.”

Ticket information can be found here.

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