Genelec monitoring for FOX UK’s new Hammersmith HQ

When Fox International Channels (FIC) UK moved its 200-strong workforce and associated equipment from its former London headquarters in Shepherd’s Bush to a fresh HQ in Hammersmith recently, a decision had to be made fairly quickly about the choice of audio gear at the new base.

Taking just ten days to complete from start to finish, the new building houses AV postproduction facilities, a shared recording booth, a ‘wide’ video postproduction room and two ITU-compliant mixing rooms, which, it was decided, should be equipped with 5.1 Genelec monitoring. The rooms are used for voiceovers on FOX on-air promos and for the recording, editing and mixing of National Geographic documentaries.

Handed the daunting task of getting the work done is such a short space of time, contractors Proaudio Consulting turned to Genelec’s ability to deliver ‘precision audio clarity in all situations’. The operation was overseen by Maurizio Raffaeli, director of broadcast operations and IT for FOX, while the installation was handled by Proaudio Consulting and acoustic designer Donato Masci, who worked with local sound consultant Matt Ward and FOX sound supervisor Alessandro Travaglini on the project. Masci and Proaudio Consulting’s project manager Francesca Bianco supplied a construction manual for isolation and systems for FOX’s general contractor Amber.

The 5.1 Genelec audio system includes three 1238CFs at the front, two 8250As for the surrounds and a 7270A sub. Masci carefully selected this arrangement to provide professional quality monitoring in the small space necessitated by the brief. Genelec 1238CF is a Smart Active Monitor (SAM), utilising AutoCal and Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) control network technologies, and is ideal for broadcasting facilities and mastering suites. GLM is able to automatically align every monitor on the network in terms of level, timing, and equalisation of room response anomalies for precision performance.

Typically flush mounted, the 1238CF includes a large Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW), drivers, enclosure, multiple power amplifiers, active low signal level crossovers, precise room response controls and protection circuitry. This was paired with the Genelec 7270 Active SAM subwoofer.

The 1238CF was combined with Genelec’s 8250A Smart Active Monitor, featuring AutoCal and Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) control network technologies, a flow optimised reflex port and high undistorted SPL over a wide bandwidth.

FOX International Channels (FIC) is 21st Century FOX’s international multi-media business, which develops, produces and distributes more than 300 entertainment, sports, lifestyle, factual and movie channels in 45 languages around the world.