Genelec monitors chosen for New York?s Pony Bar

The Pony Bar, located in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen neighbourhood, has upgraded its sound system with six Genelec monitors and a matching subwoofer.

With the bar’s initial sound system being deemed inadequate, six Genelec 8030A bi-amplified monitor speakers were subsequently deployed, along with a 7050A active subwoofer.

Dan McLaughlin, who opened The Pony Bar with a business partner in mid-April 2009, first experienced Genelec speakers while working at another bar for six years. “It was the best sound I’d ever heard anywhere, just incredible clarity,” he commented. “I said to my business partner, we’ve got to get Genelecs in here; we’ve got to figure out a way to get them.”

Following the installation of the Genelec system, McLaughlin states that the bar’s regulars instantly noticed the improvement. “Everyone said the same thing, from the younger kids to the older patrons that come here; everyone said the sound quality is the first thing you notice when you come in. You notice the warmth of the room now, the warmth of the sound. It’s really all encompassing, not like the thin, tinny, acoustic nightmare that we had. I couldn’t be happier with the Genelecs.”