Genelec unveils 7050C subwoofer with higher SPL

Genelec has unveiled the 7050C, an update in its 7050 series which delivers an extended low frequency response with higher SPL and lower distortion than its 7050B predecessor. 

The unit’s LSE spiral enclosure has been further refined to deliver clean audio output at peak levels, with users also benefitting from a 3 dB increase in SPL capability and a universal switched-mode power supply. 

Able to work in stereo or multichannel audio systems, the 7050C is designed to sit alongside Genelec’s existing professional subwoofers. The bass management system provides five input and output channels with 85 Hz low-pass/highpass filters, plus a discrete 120 Hz LFE signal input with selectable +10 dB boost. 

The 7050C measures 410 mm (16 1/8-inches) in height, with a width of 350 mm (13¾- inches), a depth of 319 mm (12 9/16-inches) and contains a single 205 mm (8-inch) magnetically shielded low frequency driver, housed in a Genelec LSE spiral enclosure, which helps deliver the unit’s clean LF response down to 24 Hz. 

Like all Genelec products, the 7050C has been created with sustainability at its heart and the ability to continue delivering flawless, transparent sound reproduction for decades to come.

The 7050C can be calibrated to suit its acoustic environment courtesy of a comprehensive set of rear panel DIP switches. Adjustable settings include phase and low frequency roll-off, the activation of the +10 dB LFE level, and the sensitivity of the Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) power-saving mode, which reduces the unit’s power consumption to a mere 0.5 W in standby. 

The 7050 first appeared when the original Genelec 7050A subwoofer debuted in 2002, replacing the 1091A. In 2005, the 7050B followed with an improved specification and feature set, and now the 7050C continues the work of its predecessors, working well with any nearfield monitor, particularly Genelec’s own 8010, 8020, 8030 and M030 models. 

“The 7050 name is respected in studios all over the world, so as we developed this new version of a much-loved classic, we treated it with great care,” said Genelec managing director, Siamäk Naghian. 

“I’m delighted to say that the result, the 7050C honours Genelec’s core principles – purity of sound, products that last for many years with the minimum of maintenance, and the skilful implementation of the latest loudspeaker technology. The 7050C is so advanced that it could easily have represented an entirely new product, but instead we chose to continue the legacy of a well-established model, made greater still by this new step forward.”