Generic Audio introduces new compressor/limiter

Generic Audio has announced the upcoming release of Compactor, a cut down version of the Preceptor analogue compressor/limiter.

The Compactor is a two-channel analogue Class-A discrete compressor/limiter. Which takes up only 2U or rack space, as opposed to the 3U requirement of the Preceptor. It has electronically balanced XLR inputs and outputs. Each channel has an 11-position gold contact audio taper switch that can be used to adjust the input gain in 2dB steps between -5dB and +10dB and an 11-position switch for controlling output gain in 2dB steps between -10dB and +10dB.

Compactor also possesses six different attack and release time settings and an action switch that allows the user to choose between soft and gard modes for different applications.

Scheduled to ship during July 2011, Compactor is expected to retail in the UK at £2,340.00 (inc VAT).