Gerhard Mayr Becomes d&b Head of Sales

A new Head of Sales has been appointed at d&b audiotechnik. Based at the headquarters in Backnang, Germany, Gerhard Mayr takes over from Peter Tongue, who has retired after almost 14 years with the company. Mayr has worked with Force Computers (Solectron), Motorola, and most recently Garmin, playing a leading role in developing these brands internationally through engagement with new markets and the reinvention of existing ones. He once aspired to be a musician, and in the past he developed his own loudspeakers and amplifiers. “Gerhard has skills stretching far outside the familiar toolkit,” said Marketing Director Simon Johnson. “Throughout his career he has demonstrated a willingness to challenge the orthodoxy, and has educated markets to accept that quality has a significant value. This is very d&b.”