German band PUR conquer arena show with d&b

d&b’s V-Series loudspeakers and ArrayProcessing software feature were driving forces behind German band PUR’s successful in-the-round performance at the 55,000 capacity Veltins Arena.

“This is a highly reverberant space,” remarked system technician Frank Müller, “and we have tried many different PA systems and configurations. This time, with the d&b V-Series, and using the new ArrayProcessing feature in ArrayCalc, we achieved absolutely the best result ever.”

“To work a room this size with throw distances up to 105m without a delay system, and to do it well, you need to address the typical shortcomings of any line array system, whatever the brand,” commented d&b Product Manager Werner ‘Vier’ Bayer. “For example the low/mids tend to be concentrated in the first twenty metres and muddy the overall tonal balance. Similarly, the spectral balance and intelligibility reduces over distance.”

Developed specifically to address these well known issues, ArrayProcessing optimises the tonal and level balance of d&b line array systems (Y, V and J-Series) over an entire listening area, defined by the mechanical vertical coverage angle.

“The benefit of ArrayProcessing,” explained Bayer, ”is that it allows us to refine frequency response and defined SPL over distance resulting in a higher total directivity precisely matching the audience areas as well as continuous and seamless HFC compensation. And all without compromising the system’s headroom or losing d&b’s sonic signature.

 “Using the d&b ArrayCalc simulation software, the spectral and level performance targets can be defined, with the option to apply specific level drops of offsets to certain areas to create reduced level zones,” he continued. “To achieve the desired performance, ArrayProcessing applies a combination of FIR and IIR filters to each cabinet, which must be driven individually. This is all with an additional latency of only 5.9 ms. ArrayProcessing also applies frequency response targets for all d&b line arrays, ensuring that all systems share a common tonality, regardless of Series, column length or splay settings.”

PUR’s front of house engineer Patrick Eckerlin is pleased with the overall performance of the d&b system. “I’ve been with the band since ‘95 when I started as a PA tech. The moment we turned the system on my first feeling was, this is the best we’ve ever done in here and ArrayProcessing made it even better. We have also had great support from d&b; they have been absolutely great. They do nothing without involving us directly in what they do, and we see and hear the benefits as clearly as our audiences.”