GerrAudio now distributing KLANG in Canada

KLANG:technologies, manufacturer of the KLANG:fabrik 3D personal monitor mixing system has announced the appointment of GerrAudio Distribution Inc. as its distributor for Canada.

GerrAudio is a supplier of professional audio equipment used in the live performance and broadcast industries, with a portfolio of brands that includes Digico, Clear-Com, DPA Microphones and Audio Precision.

“Our aim is to create the perfect in-ear monitor sound for musicians, enabling them to work with greater ease and focus on their performance”, said KLANG:technologies’ founder and marketing director, Dr. Pascal Dietrich. “Finding the right distributors that share this philosophy in delivering the best for performers and sound engineers is critical and GerrAudio fits the profile perfectly. Their excellent reputation, outstanding technical knowledge and customer support makes them an ideal partner for KLANG.”

“The KLANG 3D technology is truly innovative, unique and useful,” added GerrAudio’s Bob Snelgrove. “It’s a new and powerful tool that introduces a natural spatial listening experience to artists wearing stereo in-ears. The result is musical and relaxing for the artist and removes much of the stress that building workable stereo in-ear monitor mix’s entail.

"Using KLANG technology the difficult job of creating an artist’s normally spatial soundscape in an otherwise unnatural and challenging 2D monitor mix is now possible. This benefit is immediately noticeable by performers.”

Snelgrove concluded: “At GerrAudio we are looking forward to introducing KLANG to existing in-ear monitoring situations of any size. I think hearing the KLANG will result in immediate understanding of what this new and powerful tool can do for performing artists.”

Picture (from left): Bob Snelgrove with KLANG’s head of sales Phil Kamp.