Gibson named official Guitar Brand of Bill & Ted Face The Music

Gibson Brands has partnered with Orion Pictures on the new film Bill & Ted Face the Music as the Official Guitar Brand of the movie.  Over 30 guitars from Gibson, Epiphone and Kramer are featured throughout the movie, including ‘Bill’ S. Preston ESQ.  and ‘Ted’ Theodore Logan epic Wyld Stallyns hero guitars, the classic Gibson SG Special, and the Gibson Flying V.

Gibson’s Entertainment Relations team worked with the producers to get the right look and feel for the film. 

“Gibson Brands have been a huge part of the Wyld Stallyns story from the very beginning,” explains Jonathan Leahy, Music Supervisor. “When Rufus presents Bill & Ted with Steinbergers at the end of  Excellent Adventure that’s just an iconic movie moment, especially for all the guitar players in the audience. The customised Gibson SG and Flying V that Alex and Keanu play at the end of Bogus Journey were a perfect match for the second film. In Bill & Ted Face the Music, we wanted to deliver for the fans and get the gear details right. Gibson came through for us in a big way; you can’t make a third Bill & Ted film without Gibson.” 

Producers Scott Kroopf and Alex Lebovici added, “Gibson has been a part of Bill & Ted since its inception and they have been amazingly supportive” (Kroopf); “You don’t need to know anything about guitars to be totally blown away by the Gibson guitars featured in the film. Gibson really made its mark on the film” (Lebovici). 

The third instalment in the film franchise starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter is released in UK cinemas and on demand September 23.